Sapna Gill filed a complaint against Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw in Police Station

Social media influencer Sapna Gill recently came into the limelight for misbehaving with Indian cricketer Prithvi Shaw. Sapna was accused of attacking Prithvi Shaw’s car with a baseball bat, in which his friends were also accused. A Mumbai court had on Monday granted bail to Sapna and three other accused. But Sapna increased the difficulties of Prithvi Shaw on Tuesday by retaliating after getting bail. She has filed a criminal complaint against Shaw. She has filed a complaint under 11 sections.

Significantly, this controversy started when Prithvi Shaw refused to take selfies with Sapna and her friends.

The complaint that Sapna has made in Mumbai also includes the allegation of molestation. She has also filed a case against Ashish Surendra Yadav, Brijesh, and others. According to ANI, advocate Kashif Ali Khan said that an FIR has been registered against Shaw, Ashish, Brijesh, and others under sections 34, 120B, 144, 146, 148, 149, 323, 324 for molesting Sapna and outraging her modesty.

Prithvi Shaw went to a five-hotel in Mumbai for dinner with his friends Ashish and Brijesh on 15 February. At the same time, there was an argument between Prithvi and Sapna regarding the selfie. After this, some people attacked Shaw’s friend’s car and broke the glass of the car. Prithvi Shaw’s friend Ashish Yadav had said in a statement to the police that some people came to take selfies and Prithvi Shaw posed for photographs with them, but then the whole group came to take selfies. Shaw refused to give him a selfie, saying that he had come for dinner with his friends.