Which Cricket Betting Sites are Available in Hindi?

Sports betting has become an immensely popular thing in the present-day world. It is a typical form of gambling involving placing a bet or wager on a sport. A wide variety of sports betting includes non-athletic events like political elections and reality contests. You won’t believe it, but betting has deliberately transformed the techniques of how games are being played these days.

Since every country has their own legislation regarding sports betting, the sports betting law is quite a complex subject. You should note that India is subject to the Technology Act of 2000 and the Public Gambling Act of 1867. And these laws suggest that sports betting is not permitted; however, individual states hold the right to make their own laws.

In a nutshell, as per the Public Gambling Act (1867), all kinds of gambling in India are deemed illegal. However, unlike the US, no specific law exists within the Indian system suggesting the prohibition of online gambling. Thus, betting companies are making the best use of these loopholes only to lure Indians to place their bets.

Today, this article will give you valuable insights into the best cricket betting sites that come in the Hindi language. Please go through the entire article so that you can make an informed decision and choose the best betting site. Let’s get started.

Top Cricket Betting Sites of India in the Hindi Language

As a gambler from India, it’s always ideal to find an online betting site that comes in your national language. You can seamlessly place your bets without being intrigued by the otherwise hard-to-understand betting terms. Here, we have reviewed some of India’s best cricket betting sites where you can safely test your predictions.

While you go through this section, you will become familiar with the top betting platforms that offer the best sports. We can rightfully state that Betway has gained much more prominence than all other betting sites for its remarkable features of odds.

Keep reading until the end and ensure that you don’t miss out on any significant detail regarding the best cricket betting sites.


As Parimatch came into existence in 1994, it is regarded as the most reputable yet oldest betting site in India. Likewise, the website and the smartphone application are also very user-friendly. While it comes in Hindi language, it’s quite easy to understand the betting terms and seamlessly place your bets. Besides, it also comes in various other local languages, so people of almost every region can easily understand.

Furthermore, Parimatch enables bettors to place their bets with Indian currency. It also accepts a plethora of banking methods keeping in mind the convenience of the potential players. It also accepts payments through UPI and PayTM.


Betway is not just a cricket betting site but rather a complete gambling universe. And once you register on this gambling website, you will find endless options for placing your bets. Here you can try your luck and practice your skill set extensively. Most importantly, this betting website comes in Hindi, so you can easily understand the betting terms. You should also note that Betway accepts almost every payment method. Some of them include Skrill, UPI, Neteller, etc. Thus, it makes the deposit and withdrawal of the winning amount absolutely convenient.

22 Bet

This comprehensive betting site comes with remarkably higher odds and live-to-bet. On the other hand, it also offers an enormous range of payment methods, and you can deposit and withdraw INR. Above all, this betting website covers all the major sports and plenty of casino games to cater to your betting needs.

22 Bet also provides several promotional offers for all loyal wagers. In fact, it also hosts an outstanding Jackpot section where you can truly win big. And apart from this, the betting site comes with a user-friendly smartphone application.


Another magnificent betting website that comes in Hindi and accepts Indian currency is Bet365. And if you are a hardcore gambler and enjoy gambling, then you must have definitely heard about this sportsbook. This betting platform offers live betting, live streaming, and various promotional offers, especially for players.

Stop thinking hard and try your luck by placing your bets in Indian currency. And while the website is available in the Hindi language, we’re sure you will have a seamless experience.


This popular cricket betting site truly prioritizes Indian wagers. This is because the betting site remains entirely focused on cricket. On the other hand, it also comes with a user-friendly interface as it is available in Hindi language and accepts INR.

You should note that this bookmaker features live casinos and live betting only to provide an added thrill. So, if you are looking forward to a gambling website in Hindi, you can give it a shot.

We are sure that you will not be left disappointed.

To Conclude

That’s all, folks! These are the top cricket betting sites that are broadly available in the Hindi language. Moreover, all of these cricket betting platforms enable gamblers to place their bets from their portable mobile devices. All thanks to the feasible language and adaptable web design with which these cricket betting sites are developed.


● Is it safe to make deposits on Indian betting sites?

Yes, making deposits only on a reputable and licensed betting site in India is safe.

● Is a Hindi betting site legal in India?

There are no laws that are against Indian betting sites. It is entirely up to the states to decide whether to allow betting or prohibit it. As of now, only Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have banned online gambling.

● Which is the best cricket betting site in India?

Betway is regarded as the best cricket betting site in India because it enables live betting and provides cashout benefits.

● Can I place bets with cryptocurrencies on Hindi betting sites?

Even though cryptocurrencies are not a common payment alternative, some betting platforms accept this payment method.

● How much time does it take to reflect the withdrawal amount?

The exact time required to reflect your withdrawal amount in your account entirely depends on the transaction method and betting platform. It might typically range from 24 hours to 5 days or more.