Why should betting be legal in India?

The number of people betting in India is increasing day by day. Laws related to betting have also been made in India. Many people believe that betting should be legal in India, while some people oppose it. However, by making betting legal in India, the government’s revenue will also be greatly benefited and players who bet illegally and bookies who facilitate it will also be able to work legally. Here we will tell you why betting in India should be legal?

Betting in India:

Cricket betting or sports betting is not yet fully legalized in India. The Indian Constitution and the Public Gambling Act, 1976 empower all states to make laws related to betting. Individual states have recognized online sports and cricket betting, but bookmakers have not been given the right to have their offices in India. Let us tell you that online betting is not mentioned in this act, hence the laws related to it are not available in India. Betting falls under the category of gambling. Gambling is divided into two parts: a game of chance and a game of skill.

Games of Chance: Those types of games can be called games of chance which are based on luck. Any player can play this type of game even without knowing it. For example, dice games, number picking, roulette, casino games, inside out, etc. Such games are considered illegal in India.

Games of Skill: Games that are played on the basis of one’s own knowledge or experience are called games of skill. It requires the skill of the player to make analytical decisions, logical thinking, ability, etc. There are also some such sports, which may require training to play. For example Chess, Carrom, Rummy Fantasy Sports, etc. Skill Games This type of game has been considered legal in many states.

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Why should betting be legal in India?

For your information, let us tell you that gambling in India has been mentioned in the 7th list of the constitution. Along with this, Public Gambling Act has also been made. No laws have yet been enacted in India to prevent online betting, although the manner in which betting stalls are set up abroad is not yet recognized in any state in India.

Betting has been legalized in western countries, due to which the government also receives income. According to the report of the American Gambling Association, the US has received an income of 53 billion dollars in 2021. Earnings increased by more than 21% from 2019 to 2021, while many casinos and betting stalls were closed for almost 2 years due to COVID.

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In India also a large number of people like to bet. That is why if betting is legalized in India, then the government can get a significant income and the national income can also increase. Along with this, many people can also earn a lot by using their knowledge and skills. Let us tell you that betting and lotteries on horse racing are legal in India. Apart from this, land-based casinos are also legal in Goa, Daman and Diu, Nagaland, and Sikkim.