The Ultimate Sheffield Shield Records: Top 5 Highest Individual Scores

The Sheffield Shield, Australia’s premier domestic cricket competition, has witnessed countless memorable innings over the years. From iconic centuries to remarkable match-saving efforts, this tournament has a rich history of record-breaking performances. In this article, we delve into the top five highest individual scores in Sheffield Shield history.

1. Sir Donald Bradman – 452 (1930)*

Sir Donald Bradman’s name is synonymous with cricketing greatness, and his record-breaking 452 not out against Queensland in Sydney on January 3, 1930, is an innings that still resonates in the annals of cricket history. His incredible knock spanned 465 balls, including 49 boundaries. Bradman’s sheer dominance, with a strike rate of 97.20, is a testament to his extraordinary skill and ability.

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2. Bill Ponsford – 437 (1927)

Bill Ponsford’s monumental 437 runs for Victoria against Queensland in Melbourne on December 16, 1927, remains one of the most iconic innings in Sheffield Shield history. This marathon effort saw him bat for a staggering 621 minutes and included 42 fours. Ponsford’s innings exemplified his unwavering concentration and batting prowess.

3. Clem Hill – 365 (1900)*

Clem Hill’s unbeaten 365 for South Australia against New South Wales in Adelaide on December 15, 1900, was a monumental innings of its era. Although the exact number of balls faced isn’t recorded, his boundary count of 35 showcased his dominance. Hill’s remarkable feat highlighted the skill and resilience of players from the early days of the Sheffield Shield.

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4. Bob Simpson – 359 (1963)

Bob Simpson’s brilliant 359 runs for New South Wales against Queensland in Brisbane on October 25, 1963, remains etched in memory. His marathon effort came from 629 balls, which included 33 boundaries. Simpson’s masterclass in batting was a testament to his tenacity and unwavering focus at the crease.

5. Sir Donald Bradman – 357 (1936)

In another exceptional innings, Sir Donald Bradman scored 357 runs for South Australia against Victoria in Melbourne on January 1, 1936. His boundary count of 40 highlighted his ability to find the gaps consistently. Bradman’s remarkable skill and concentration are evident in this historic performance.

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6. Barry Richards – 356 (1970)

Though not part of the top five, Barry Richards’ 356 runs for South Australia against Western Australia in Perth on November 20, 1970, deserves special mention. His innings came from 381 balls, which included 48 fours and a six. Richards’ fluent and aggressive style of play left an indelible mark on Sheffield Shield history.

These incredible innings not only represent the rich legacy of the Sheffield Shield but also serve as a testament to the exceptional talent and dedication of the cricketers who have graced this competition. These records are a reminder of the moments that have made the Sheffield Shield a cherished part of Australian cricket history.