Sheffield Shield’s Lowest Team Totals: A Glimpse into the Records

The Sheffield Shield, Australia’s premier domestic cricket competition, has a storied history that spans well over a century. It has witnessed remarkable performances, created cricketing legends, and etched unforgettable moments into the annals of the sport. Among these moments, the lowest team totals in Sheffield Shield history hold a unique place, offering a glimpse into the challenges and difficulties that players can face. Here, we explore some of the lowest team totals ever recorded in the Sheffield Shield.

1. South Australia’s Struggles in Sydney (1955)

In a First-class match against New South Wales in Sydney on November 18, 1955, South Australia found themselves in dire straits. They were bundled out for a paltry total of 27 in their second innings, facing an insurmountable task against the dominant New South Wales bowlers.

2. South Australia’s Downfall in Sydney (2004)

Sydney’s cricket grounds have witnessed some of the lowest Sheffield Shield totals in history. On December 2, 2004, South Australia managed to score just 29 runs in their first innings against New South Wales. The Sydney pitch proved to be a challenging battleground for South Australia’s batsmen.

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3. Victoria’s Struggle in Sydney (1907)

The Sydney Cricket Ground, known for its historic moments, once witnessed Victoria’s batting woes. In a First-class match on January 25, 1907, Victoria managed to put up only 31 runs in their third innings. New South Wales’ bowlers left Victoria’s batsmen in disarray.

4. New South Wales’ Testing Encounter in Hobart (2021)

Low scores in Sheffield Shield matches are not limited to any particular team or era. New South Wales, during a match against Tasmania in Hobart on March 20, 2021, posted a total of just 32 runs in their second innings. The Tasmanian bowlers capitalized on favorable conditions to dismantle New South Wales’ lineup.

5. Victoria’s Challenges in Sydney (1927)

Victoria’s struggles in Sydney continued as they faced New South Wales in a First-class match on January 26, 1927. The Victorian side could muster only 35 runs in their second innings, a testament to the difficulties presented by the Sydney pitch and New South Wales’ formidable bowling attack.

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6. West Australia’s Unpleasant Experience in Adelaide (1990)

A change of scenery did little to alleviate the struggles of West Australia. In Adelaide on January 26, 1990, they faced a daunting task as South Australia bowled them out for just 41 runs in their second innings.

7. Victoria’s Disheartening Day in Melbourne (1896)

The Melbourne Cricket Ground has seen its share of low scores as well. On February 21, 1896, South Australia bowled out Victoria for just 43 runs in their third innings, sealing a comprehensive victory.

8. South Australia’s Tough Day in Hobart (2014)

In Hobart on December 9, 2014, South Australia faced Tasmania and could only manage 45 runs in their fourth innings. Tasmania’s bowlers proved to be the difference-makers in this low-scoring encounter.

These lowest team totals in the Sheffield Shield are a testament to the challenging conditions and the competitive nature of Australian domestic cricket. They highlight the testing moments that players and teams face as they strive for excellence. While these low scores may not always result in victory, they serve as a reminder of the resilience and determination required to succeed in one of the world’s toughest cricket competitions.