“Shame”: Stuart Broad reacts to Virat Kohli’s absence from Test series against England

Former England cricketer Stuart Broad has voiced his admiration for England’s aggressive and result-oriented cricketing approach, fondly dubbed as ‘Bazball.’ Led by Ben Stokes, the English team has garnered praise for their fearless style of play, prioritizing outcomes over mere survival on the field.

In a recent interview, Broad highlighted England’s bold approach, emphasizing their determination to pursue victory even if it means risking defeat. He commended the team’s resilience, citing their remarkable 28-run triumph over India in the first Test, despite trailing by 190 runs in the first innings. Although they faced a setback in the second game, falling short by 106 runs, Broad expressed confidence in England’s Bazball strategy, believing it to be universally effective across various cricketing landscapes.

“Bazball is taking cricket forward,” remarked Broad, lauding England’s impressive performances in recent matches, including a 3-0 series win in Pakistan and a competitive showing in New Zealand. He particularly highlighted England’s captivating victory over India in Hyderabad, where their aggressive approach shone through, capturing the essence of exhilarating Test cricket.

Reflecting on the absence of Indian skipper Virat Kohli in the series, Broad acknowledged the void left by the champion player but emphasized the importance of prioritizing family commitments. He noted India’s victory in the last Test and viewed it as a significant opportunity for young players to showcase their talents in Kohli’s absence.

Despite his admiration for England’s Bazball approach, Broad ruled out any potential return to cricket, including participation in T20 leagues like SA20. Firm in his decision to retire from professional cricket, Broad reminisced about his illustrious career, expressing gratitude for his final moments on the field, where he notably hit a six on his last ball and claimed a wicket on his final delivery.

As Stuart Broad bids farewell to the cricketing arena, his endorsement of England’s Bazball philosophy reflects a broader shift in the sport towards proactive and fearless gameplay, resonating with fans and players alike as they embrace the evolving dynamics of modern cricket.