Shahid Afridi Told Me to Become a Muslim Many Times” – Danish Kaneria Levels Serious Accusations

In a shocking revelation, former Pakistani cricketer Danish Kaneria has accused legendary all-rounder Shahid Afridi of persistent attempts to pressure him into converting to Islam. Kaneria, a Hindu by faith, also shed light on the discrimination he faced during his playing days with the Pakistan cricket team, exposing a side of the cricketing world that’s rarely discussed.

Kaneria, who was one of Pakistan’s prominent spinners, disclosed that during his career, it was only former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq who offered him genuine support. Unfortunately, most of his teammates made life extremely challenging, particularly Shahid Afridi and Shoaib Akhtar. Kaneria went as far as revealing that Afridi and Akhtar even refused to dine with him, a deeply unsettling revelation.

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Speaking with candor, Kaneria stated, “They didn’t eat with me. They used to talk about conversion, but my religion is everything to me. Shahid Afridi was the main person telling me to convert and did it a lot of times. Inzamam-ul-Haq never used to talk that way.”

Danish Kaneria highlighted the stark contrast in his experiences while playing cricket in India, where he praised the country for providing equal opportunities to all cricketers, regardless of their religious beliefs. This stark contrast between the two cricketing nations raises important questions about inclusivity and diversity in sports.

In addition, Kaneria expressed his disappointment in the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), alleging a lack of support due to his Hindu faith. He firmly believes that his religion played a significant role in him not receiving the backing he deserved, as his cricketing abilities were undeniable.

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Kaneria’s grievances extend beyond the cricket pitch, as he shared that the personal toll was immense, particularly during a time when he was mourning the loss of his father. These accusations have opened up an important discussion about the treatment of players from diverse backgrounds in the world of cricket.

The shocking revelations made by Danish Kaneria shed light on the challenges faced by athletes, not only in Pakistan but in many parts of the world. His allegations of religious discrimination and the pressure to convert are a stark reminder of the need for greater inclusivity and tolerance in the sporting arena.

The cricketing world is now paying close attention to this troubling narrative, as the accusations raise questions about the treatment of players based on their religious beliefs. This story highlights the importance of fairness, inclusivity, and respect for all athletes, regardless of their backgrounds.