IPL Retention Policy Up for Review: Franchises Seek More Hold, RTM Cards Back on Table

The BCCI is revisiting the IPL’s player retention policy for the upcoming seasons, with franchises pushing for a significant increase in the number of players they can retain.

Currently, teams can retain a maximum of four players (3 Indians, 2 overseas). However, a majority of the 10 IPL franchises have expressed a desire to hold onto more players, with some even suggesting as many as eight retentions.

Mega Auction on the Horizon

This policy review comes ahead of a mega auction expected later in 2024. BCCI’s acting CEO, Hemang Amin, met with franchise CEOs to gather their opinions on the retention policy, salary caps for the next three years, and the potential return of Right To Match (RTM) cards, which were absent in the 2021 season.

Retention Range and Salary Cap Discussions

Franchise proposals for the number of retentions vary widely, ranging from five to seven players, with one team even advocating for no retentions at all. Discussions regarding the player purse also revealed differing views, with suggestions for a salary cap increase between Rs 110 crore and Rs 120 crore (current cap: Rs 100 crore).

Impact Player Rule: Divided Opinions

While media holders seem to favor the recently introduced Impact Player rule, reports suggest coaches and players are not entirely convinced.

Final Decision in July

The BCCI will finalize the retention policy and other aspects after a meeting of franchise owners later this month. The outcome will significantly impact team strategies and player movement in the upcoming mega auction.

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