Abu Dhabi T10 2023 to start on November 28 – full schedule

Cricket enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the launch of the seventh edition of the Abu Dhabi T10, which is all set to commence on November 28 in the United Arab Emirates. Hosted by the Emirates Cricket Board, the tournament is poised to bring forth exhilarating cricket action and intense showdowns between eight remarkable teams over 12 action-packed days.

The Abu Dhabi T10 2023 will feature eight fiercely competitive teams: Bangla Tigers, Chennai Braves, Deccan Gladiators, Delhi Bulls, Morrisville Samp Army, New York Strikers, Northern Warriors, and Team Abu Dhabi. These teams will battle it out in a total of 32 matches during the tournament.

According to the Abu Dhabi T10 2023 schedule, each team will encounter every other side once in a round-robin format. The top four teams following the conclusion of the league matches will advance to the playoffs, setting the stage for intense and nail-biting encounters.

The Qualifier 1 will witness a face-off between the top two ranked teams, while the third and fourth-placed teams will battle it out in the Eliminator. The winner of the Eliminator will clash with the loser of the Qualifier 1 in Qualifier 2, vying for a spot in the final.

Mark your calendars for the Abu Dhabi T10 2023 final, slated to grace cricketing enthusiasts on December 9. The Deccan Gladiators, two-time defending champions, are set to defend their title, aiming to replicate their victories in the 2021 and 2022 editions.

Their fiery performance in the 2022 final against the New York Strikers at the Sheikh Zayed Cricket Stadium in Abu Dhabi exemplified their tenacity, sealing the tournament with a 37-run victory.

Previously, teams such as Kerala Kings in 2017, Northern Warriors in 2018 and 2021, and Maratha Arabians in 2019 have etched their names in the history books as champions of the Abu Dhabi T10, adding to the allure and excitement surrounding this upcoming edition. Anticipation is high, as fans eagerly await the thrilling cricketing spectacle that the Abu Dhabi T10 2023 is set to deliver.

Abu Dhabi T10 2023 schedule and live match start times

All timings are in India Standard Time (IST)

Day and DateMatchTime (IST)
Tuesday, November 28New York Strikers vs Deccan Gladiators7:45 PM
Tuesday, November 28Northern Warriors vs Morrisville Samp Army10:00 PM
Wednesday, November 29Delhi Bulls vs Deccan Gladiators5:30 PM
Wednesday, November 29Team Abu Dhabi vs Chennai Braves7:45 PM
Wednesday, November 29Bangla Tigers vs New York Strikers10:00 PM
Thursday, November 30Team Abu Dhabi vs Northern Warriors 5:30 PM
Thursday, November 30Morrisville Samp Army vs Chennai Braves7:45 PM
Thursday, November 30Deccan Gladiators vs Bangla Tigers10:00 PM
Friday, December 1Northern Warriors vs New York Strikers 5:30 PM
Friday, December 1Morrisville Samp Army vs Team Abu Dhabi 7:45 PM
Friday, December 1Delhi Bulls vs Chennai Braves10:00 PM
Saturday, December 2Deccan Gladiators vs Team Abu Dhabi 5:30 PM
Saturday, December 2Delhi Bulls vs Bangla Tigers7:45 PM
Saturday, December 2Chennai Braves vs Northern Warriors 10:00 PM
Sunday, December 3Morrisville Samp Army vs Delhi Bulls5:30 PM
Sunday, December 3Northern Warriors vs Bangla Tigers7:45 PM
Sunday, December 3Deccan Gladiators vs Chennai Braves10:00 PM
Monday, December 4New York Strikers vs Delhi Bulls 7:45 PM
Monday, December 4Bangla Tigers vs Team Abu Dhabi10:00 PM
Tuesday, December 5Bangla Tigers vs Morrisville Samp Army5:30 PM
Tuesday, December 5Deccan Gladiators vs Northern Warriors7:45 PM
Tuesday, December 5New York Strikers vs Team Abu Dhabi 10:00 PM
Wednesday, December 6Chennai Braves vs New York Strikers 5:30 PM
Wednesday, December 6Morrisville Samp Army vs Deccan Gladiators7:45 PM
Wednesday, December 6Delhi Bulls vs Northern Warriors10:00 PM
Thursday, December 7Chennai Braves vs Bangla Tigers5:30 PM
Thursday, December 7Team Abu Dhabi vs Delhi Bulls7:45 PM
Thursday, December 7New York Strikers vs Morrisville Samp Army10:00 PM
Friday, December 8Qualifier 15:30 PM
Friday, December 8Eliminator7:45 PM
Friday, December 8Qualifier 2 10:00 PM
Saturday, December 9Abu Dhabi T10 2023 final9:00 PM