Your Guide to Cricket Betting Strategies

Cricket is a team sport with complex rules, popular among players not only in India but also in England, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Cricket has many tournaments and leagues, each with unique rules and characteristics. Since matches are played all year round, fans have virtually unlimited betting options.

The main types of bets on cricket

The game provides a large selection of bets along bookmakers’ lines, including main and additional outcomes. 

Exotic betting methods are available for the most famous tournaments and leagues, for example, which team will hit the ball first?

Basic cricket bets:

  • Main outcome. Bets are placed on the first team’s victory, the second team’s victory, and a draw. A draw is also possible in test matches, so the market offers three options. You can only predict which team will win or lose in all other cases
  • Double chance. Such a bet is placed on games in which a draw is possible, in this case three outcomes are possible
  • Total. The bet is placed on intermediate results in different segments of the game
  • Asian Handicap. Bet on winning with plus, minus, or zero handicap
  • Individual total. Bet on the results of a particular player during the game
  • Bets on the best players. Boatswain and boiler
  • Draw. Which team will start the match and be the attacker

Advanced bookmakers offer additional bets on cricket like lower or higher totals/handicaps, even/odd scores.

Basic Cricket Betting Strategies

Of course, advantage bettors can develop their betting strategies, but if you are starting or prefer to listen to the pros, here are some examples of the most popular betting strategies that online bettors use the most.

Bet against a draw in test matches

This strategy is suitable for classic “long” test matches. While the number of draws has dropped noticeably in recent years, they still happen often enough for bettors to capitalize on it.

Some time ago, almost half of the matches ended in a draw, modern matches have significantly reduced this figure. So professionals offer to bet on a draw in matches with no large odds, for example – 1.27-1.40.

Betting on an outsider in live after a coin toss

True fans know that the outcome of a cricket match is heavily influenced not only by ability and weather conditions but also by the traditional coin toss.

The essence of the strategy:

  • Find a match with relatively tight odds
  • Odds for an outsider maximum 4.0
  • Wait for the end of the procedure with a coin
  • If the outsider bats first, bet on him

The strategy’s success lies in the fact that the team that hits first often has a significant advantage.

Betting strategy for the best batsman

You must select three or four players, most likely to be the best hitters. And place bets on them with amounts that provide the most significant profit, regardless of the outcome. Thus, it is possible to bet on the best batter in the team and the best batter in the match.

Professional bookmakers at Crickex betting exchange offer to bet on matches in which there is a clear, but not overwhelming, favorite to win. You have to play with the best favorite player, the best underdog player, and 1-2 other favorite players. Preferably, none of the coefficients exceed 2.0.

Bet on cricket online in 2023

When placing a bet, remember that there are many factors to consider, even the obvious ones like weather forecasts and player fatigue. And to make a profitable bet, you need to closely monitor the changes in the odds in real time and the dynamics of the match.

And the most important component of a successful bet is choosing the right bookmaker partner who has a good reputation. With the Crickex com Indian betting platform, you can not worry about the reliability of the bookmaker and the safety of the game.