Women’s Big Bash League 2023-24: Exciting Season Opener and Full Schedule

The highly anticipated Women’s Big Bash League 2023-24 is all set to kick off on October 19, promising cricket enthusiasts a thrilling season filled with remarkable talent and exciting matches. The tournament opener features a clash between two formidable teams, the Sydney Sixers and the Melbourne Stars, at the North Sydney Oval in Sydney, Australia.

The Women’s Big Bash League, affectionately known as WBBL, was introduced in the 2015-16 season, and it has since become a significant platform for women’s T20 cricket. As it enters its ninth edition in 2023-24, the WBBL continues to showcase the best of women’s cricket talent.

A Look at the Teams:

Eight franchises from Australia’s premier domestic T20 cricket league for women are competing in the tournament. These teams include:

  1. Adelaide Strikers
  2. Melbourne Stars
  3. Hobart Hurricanes
  4. Melbourne Renegades
  5. Perth Scorchers
  6. Sydney Thunder
  7. Brisbane Heat
  8. Sydney Sixers

While each team is a powerhouse in its own right, the WBBL has witnessed some standout performances over the years. Teams like Sydney Thunder, Sydney Sixers, and Brisbane Heat have been the most successful, with two titles each to their names. In the previous season, the Adelaide Strikers etched their name in history by clinching their first Women’s Big Bash League title, defeating the Sydney Sixers in a thrilling final.

The Tournament Format:

The league phase of the WBBL, scheduled from October 19 to November 26, comprises 56 matches, ensuring ample cricketing action for fans. Each team will face-off in 14 round-robin fixtures, playing two matches against each of the other seven sides in the competition.

The intensity amplifies during the knockout phase, where the top four teams from the league stage battle it out for supremacy. This stage includes:

  • Eliminator: Third-placed team vs. Fourth-placed team.
  • Challenger: Second-placed team vs. Winner of the Eliminator.

While the dates and venues for the Eliminator and Challenger are yet to be announced, all eyes will be on the grand finale of the Women’s Big Bash League. This final showdown will feature the top team from the league stage against the victor of the Challenger, and it will take place on December 2.

Don’t Miss the Action:

As a cricket enthusiast, you wouldn’t want to miss any of the electrifying moments from this season’s Women’s Big Bash League. The schedule features a plethora of exciting matches, ensuring that there’s something for every fan.

If you’re tuning in from India, you can catch the live action via the Disney+Hotstar app and website, providing live streaming of all the WBBL 2023-24 matches. For those preferring traditional television broadcasts, the Star Sports Network in India will be telecasting the matches live, allowing you to experience the thrill of the WBBL from the comfort of your home.

So mark your calendars and get ready for a season filled with breathtaking performances, fierce rivalries, and unforgettable moments. The Women’s Big Bash League is back, and it’s set to enthrall cricket lovers around the world.

Women’s Big Bash League (WBBL) 2023-24 schedule and live India match times

All timings as per India Standard Time (IST)

October 19, ThursdaySydney Sixers vs Melbourne StarsSydney2:10 PM
October 20, FridayMelbourne Renegades vs Brisbane HeatMelbourne9:30 PM
October 20, FridayHobart Hurricanes vs Perth ScorchersLaunceston1:40 PM
October 21, SaturdayAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne StarsAdelaide1:40 PM 
October 22, SundayPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsSydney8:10 AM
October 22, SundaySydney Thunder vs Sydney SixersSydney11:15 AM
October 23, MondayMelbourne Renegades vs Adelaide StrikersMelbourne9:30 PM
October 24, TuesdayMelbourne Stars vs Adelaide StrikersMelbourne9:00 AM
October 24, TuesdaySydney Sixers vs Brisbane HeatSydney12:40 PM
October 25, WednesdayPerth Scorchers vs Hobart HurricanesPerth1:40 PM
October 26, ThursdaySydney Thunder vs Melbourne RenegadesSydney9:30 AM
October 27, FridayAdelaide Strikers vs Hobart HurricanesBrisbane11:10 AM
October 27, FridayBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne StarsBrisbane3:00 PM
October 28, SaturdayMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney SixersMelbourne6:30 AM
October 29, SundayMelbourne Stars vs Perth ScorchersMelbourne9:30 AM
October 29, SundayAdelaide Strikers vs Brisbane HeatAdelaide1:40 PM
October 30, MondayHobart Hurricanes vs Sydney ThunderLaunceston12:40 PM
October 31, TuesdayPerth Scorchers vs Sydney Sixers Perth2:40 PM
November 1, WednesdayMelbourne Renegades vs Sydney ThunderMelbourne9:30 AM
November 2, ThursdayHobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne StarsHobart1:40 PM
November 3, FridayAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney SixersPerth11:40 AM
November 3, FridayPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne RenegadesPerth3:10 PM
November 4, SaturdayMelbourne Stars vs Sydney ThunderMelbourne9:30 AM
November 4, SaturdayHobart Hurricanes vs Brisbane HeatHobart1:00 PM
November 5, SundaySydney Sixers vs Melbourne RenegadesPerth8:10 AM
November 5, SundayPerth Scorchers vs Adelaide Strikers Perth11:55 AM
November 6, MondaySydney Thunder vs Brisbane HeatSydney12:40 PM
November 8, WednesdayMelbourne Stars vs Sydney SixersMelbourne 9:30 AM
November 8, WednesdayAdelaide Strikers vs Melbourne RenegadesAdelaide1:40 PM
November 9, ThursdaySydney Thunder vs Hobart HurricanesSydney9:30 AM
November 9, ThursdayBrisbane Heat vs Perth ScorchersBrisbane1:40 PM
November 10, FridaySydney Thunder vs Melbourne StarsSydney9:50 AM
November 10, FridaySydney Sixers vs Hobart HurricanesSydney1:40 PM
November 11, SaturdayMelbourne Renegades vs Perth ScorchersMelbourne8:30 AM
November 11, SaturdayBrisbane Heat vs Adelaide StrikersMackay1:40 PM
November 12, SundayPerth Scorchers vs Sydney ThunderMelbourne4:40 AM
November 12, SundayMelbourne Renegades vs Melbourne StarsMelbourne8:10 AM
November 13, MondayHobart Hurricanes vs Sydney SixersHobart12:40 PM
November 15, WednesdayBrisbane Heat vs Hobart HurricanesBrisbane6:30 AM
November 15, WednesdayAdelaide Strikers vs Sydney ThunderAdelaide10:00 AM
November 16, ThursdaySydney Sixers vs Perth ScorchersSydney10:00 AM
November 17, FridayMelbourne Stars vs Hobart HurricanesBrisbane10:40 AM
November 17, FridayBrisbane Heat vs Melbourne RenegadesBrisbane2:10 PM
November 18, SaturdaySydney Thunder vs Perth ScorchersSydney9:30 AM
November 18, SaturdaySydney Sixers vs Adelaide StrikersSydney1:40 PM
November 19, SundayMelbourne Renegades vs Hobart HurricanesMelbourne4:40 AM
November 19, SundayMelbourne Stars vs Brisbane HeatMelbourne8:10 AM
November 21, TuesdaySydney Thunder vs Adelaide StrikersSydney9:30 AM
November 21, TuesdayBrisbane Heat vs Sydney SixersBrisbane1:40 PM
November 22, WednesdayPerth Scorchers vs Melbourne StarsPerth2:40 PM
November 23, ThursdayHobart Hurricanes vs Melbourne RenegadesHobart1:40 PM
November 24, FridayBrisbane Heat vs Sydney ThunderAdelaide10:10 AM
November 24, FridayAdelaide Strikers vs Perth ScorchersAdelaide1:40 PM
November 25, SaturdayMelbourne Stars vs Melbourne RenegadesMelbourne12:40 PM
November 26, SundayHobart Hurricanes vs Adelaide StrikersSydney4:40 AM
November 26, SundaySydney Sixers vs Sydney ThunderSydney8:10 AM
December 2, SaturdayFinalTBD1:40 PM