Why Do Cricketers Shout “Howzat”? What Does it Mean in Cricket?

Cricket, known for its rich traditions and unique terminology, often mystifies those unfamiliar with the sport. One such tradition that often piques curiosity is the resounding cry of “Howzat?” that echoes through the cricket field. This article aims to demystify this term, exploring why cricketers shout it and what it means in the context of the game.

The Origins of “Howzat?”:

The word “Howzat?” is an abbreviation of the phrase “How is that?” In cricket, it is a vociferous appeal made by the fielding team, usually the bowler and wicketkeeper, to request the dismissal of the batsman. It is one of the most recognizable and iconic elements of the sport.

The Appeal Process:

The process begins when the bowler delivers the ball, and it is subsequently played by the batsman. The fielding team, especially the bowler and wicketkeeper, closely monitors the trajectory and path of the ball. If they believe that the batsman is out, typically through methods like being bowled, caught, leg before wicket (LBW), stumped, or run out, they will appeal to the on-field umpire by shouting “Howzat?”

Why the Shout?

  1. Audible Appeal: The shout of “Howzat?” serves two primary purposes. Firstly, it acts as an audible and clear appeal to the umpire. Cricket fields can be noisy, with the crowd, fielders, and batsmen creating a cacophony. The loud and distinct shout ensures that the appeal is heard and understood by the umpire.
  2. Request for Decision: Secondly, the shout serves as a request for the on-field umpire to make a decision regarding the batsman’s fate. The umpire’s role is crucial in determining whether the batsman is out or not. The appeal triggers the decision-making process.

The Umpire’s Response:

Upon hearing the appeal, the on-field umpire assesses the situation and decides whether the batsman is out according to the cricketing laws and regulations. If the umpire agrees with the appeal, they will raise their index finger to signal the batsman’s dismissal. If not, they will shake their head, signaling that the batsman is not out.

The Decision Review System (DRS):

In modern cricket, the Decision Review System (DRS) has been introduced to assist in the decision-making process. Teams can challenge the umpire’s decision by requesting a review using the DRS. This system involves technology such as ball tracking and hotspot to provide a more accurate assessment of the decision.

Appeal Etiquette:

While the shout of “Howzat?” is an integral part of cricket, there are etiquettes and norms associated with making appeals. Players are expected to make genuine appeals based on their belief that the batsman is out, rather than using it as a tactic to unsettle or distract the batsman. Repeated frivolous appeals can result in warnings or penalties for the fielding team.


The cry of “Howzat?” is not just a vocalization in cricket but a critical aspect of the game’s mechanics. It represents the fielding team’s request for a decision, sparking the umpire’s involvement in the proceedings. While its origins may be in the phrase “How is that?” the concise and impactful “Howzat?” has become a distinctive part of cricket’s lexicon. So, the next time you watch a cricket match and hear this exclamation, you’ll know that it signifies an appeal and the potential for an exciting moment in the game.