Who will face India in the semi-final of the ICC World Cup 2023?

The ongoing ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023 has reached a critical phase, with India, South Africa, and Australia already securing their places in the semifinals. The spotlight now intensifies on the battle for the fourth and final spot, as New Zealand, Pakistan, and Afghanistan strive to secure the coveted position and a chance to face India in the first semifinal.

Current Standings and Scenarios:

Team India stands undefeated atop the points table with a flawless record in all eight matches, accumulating a total of 16 points. Their dominant performance ensures their finish at the summit, leaving the fight for the remaining positions.

South Africa and Australia are in contention for the second and third spots, intensifying their quest to secure their positions in the semifinals.

Semifinal Venue Contingencies:

The venue for the first semifinal largely depends on the fourth qualifier. Should Pakistan claim the fourth spot, the Eden Gardens in Kolkata will host the highly anticipated clash. However, if New Zealand or Afghanistan secure the position, the match will unfold at the Wankhede Stadium on November 15.

Qualification Scenarios for the Final Spot:

New Zealand: A win against Sri Lanka on November 9 is pivotal for New Zealand’s qualification hopes. Their chances also depend on losses by Pakistan and Afghanistan in their respective matches, or even a rain-affected match that could work in their favor.

Pakistan: Securing a win against England on November 11 is crucial for Pakistan’s qualification. They also rely on Sri Lanka defeating New Zealand and South Africa overcoming Afghanistan. Alternatively, a slim chance exists if other contenders suffer significant defeats.

Afghanistan: Their path to qualification demands a victory against South Africa on November 10. However, their spot also hinges on losses by New Zealand and Pakistan in their respective matches against Sri Lanka and England.

The final stage of the group matches is set to deliver nail-biting encounters, determining the fate of these teams and setting the stage for the ultimate semifinal showdown in the ICC Men’s ODI World Cup 2023.