The best strategies for betting on baseball and cricket at Mostbet bookmaker

Baseball betting is betting on the outcome or other outcome of a baseball game. Betters who want to bet on baseball should first get to know it better, learn the game’s rules, watch many baseball games, and study statistics. Baseball, as a sport, bears little resemblance to other disciplines and has its own unique features and characteristics that must be taken into account when setting bets at a bookmaker.

Additional bets

As for additional bets, not all bookmakers offer them. However, experienced bettors can still find bets such as:

· First and last runs in an inning;

· Extra-inning bet (additional after 9 main);

· First run and victory in the match;

· Betting on a home run/type of home run, and so on.

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In total, there are a huge number of baseball betting strategies in sports betting. However, to use most of them, you need to know the rules of the game perfectly, understand all the intricacies and nuances of baseball, be able to predict the development of the situation, and so on. In other words, such strategies are suitable only for experienced baseball bettors.

However, there are two rather popular and simple schemes based on the Dogon principle that can be used by ordinary bookmaker users. Provided that they will carefully approach the process of setting sports betting.


So, the first strategy is “Live bet on a draw for regular time”. As mentioned earlier, in baseball, a draw is basically impossible. But this is speaking for the match as a whole. In regular time, the same number of points (ranks) for both teams is not only possible but also quite common. The essence of the scheme is to place a bet on a draw at a regular time when the situation during the match is conducive to this. Thus, you can get a fairly high coefficient (up to 1.85). If the bet loses, it must be wagered next, also for a draw, but with an increased amount within another match.

The second strategy is also based on a geometric progression. But here the better will need to bet on underdogs. The fact is that baseball is a very unpredictable game in which an outsider can easily beat the champion. Therefore, there is absolutely every chance that the bet will play. If not, then you need to bet on another match according to a similar principle with an increased amount.

The disadvantage of these progression-based strategies is the high demand for the player’s bankroll. New users are advised to start with small amounts to increase the number of possible wagering attempts. It is also recommended to strictly adhere to the predetermined amount of funds available for spending within one gaming session.