“Sachin Tendulkar is first and then comes God”: Brett Lee opens up on crazy life of former India player

In a recent interview with SEN Cricket, former Australian pace sensation Brett Lee shared heartwarming anecdotes that shed light on the incredible bond he shares with the cricketing maestro, Sachin Tendulkar. Known for their fierce on-field battles, Lee revealed a different side of Tendulkar’s personality that goes beyond the cricket pitch.

One remarkable incident narrated by Brett Lee unfolded in the luxurious setting of Sachin Tendulkar’s restaurant. Lee expressed the honor of being invited by Tendulkar himself, where the cricketing legend went the extra mile by shutting down the entire restaurant. With only Lee, Sachin, and his wife present, the restaurant buzzed with anticipation as 30 chefs eagerly awaited to serve the culinary delights to the cricketing icon.

“Sachin is like, as they say, Sachin and then God,” remarked Lee, highlighting the reverence the cricketing world has for the Little Master. The camaraderie extended beyond fine dining, with Tendulkar inviting Lee for an impromptu go-karting session. Such was Tendulkar’s enthusiasm that he called up the venue owner that very night to ensure the track was open.

Adding another layer to their friendship, Lee shared a memorable experience when Tendulkar, a proud owner of a red Ferrari, graciously picked him up at 5 am for a morning drive. The sight of Tendulkar’s Ferrari attracted a swarm of admirers, further emphasizing the cricketing legend’s popularity and humility.

Lee couldn’t help but shower praise on Tendulkar, emphasizing his humility both on and off the field. The Australian speedster described Tendulkar not just as a legend in cricket but as a legend in life. Tendulkar’s impact transcends the boundaries of the cricketing arena, making him a revered figure globally.

As the cricketing world continues to cherish the memories of Sachin Tendulkar’s illustrious career, Brett Lee’s anecdotes provide fans with glimpses of the cherished moments that unfolded when two cricketing titans shared more than just the pitch.