‘Impact Player Is Not Permanent, But…’: Jay Shah

In escalating criticism surrounding the Impact Player Rule introduced in the IPL, BCCI Secretary Jay Shah has stepped forward to address the concerns, affirming that the rule was implemented as a trial and won’t be a permanent fixture anytime soon.

The Impact Player Rule, which allows IPL teams to substitute a player with a specialist batter or bowler during any stage of the game, has come under fire following a season of record-breaking performances in IPL 2024.

Critics argue that the rule is diluting the significance of all-rounders and unfairly favoring batsmen, leading to an avalanche of runs being scored throughout the season.

What exactly is the Impact Player Rule (IMP)? Here’s everything you need to know.

Responding to the mounting backlash, Jay Shah clarified that the Impact Player Rule was initially introduced as an experimental measure. It serves as a test case, with the BCCI yet to reach a verdict on its permanent implementation.

Shah emphasized that the primary motive behind the rule was to provide more opportunities for Indian players who would otherwise remain on the bench.

Furthermore, Shah disclosed that thus far, no substantial negative feedback has been received regarding the Impact Player Rule.

“Impact player was a test case. Two new Indian players are getting a chance in the IPL. We will discuss with the stakeholders – franchises, and broadcasters – before deciding on the continuation of the Impact Player. It’s not permanent, but no one has provided feedback against the rule,” Shah stated, as quoted by Cricbuzz.

However, acknowledging the ongoing debate, Shah announced plans for comprehensive discussions with IPL stakeholders, franchises, and broadcasters. These discussions aim to gather diverse perspectives and insights, ultimately guiding the decision on whether to retain or discard the Impact Player Rule.

Significantly, Indian cricket captain Rohit Sharma was among the first active players to voice apprehensions about the rule’s detrimental effects, expressing concerns about its potential to compromise cricket’s fundamental values merely for the sake of entertainment.

As the controversy surrounding the Impact Player Rule continues to escalate, all eyes are now on the forthcoming deliberations and the eventual decision that will shape the future of IPL gameplay.