How to do online cricket betting in India?

Nowadays the demand for online cricket betting in India is increasing day by day. This is because through the online medium you can place bets from anywhere and at any time. Cricket betting is not yet legalized in India. However, many Indian bookmakers now offer the facility of online cricket betting, where you can place your own bet on the betting exchange. In this article, we will tell you how to do online cricket betting in India?

How to do online cricket betting in India?

Because cricket betting is not legal in India, it is illegal to set up a bookmaker office here, that is why online cricket betting is given more importance. However, only foreign bookmakers can work here without any inconvenience, whereas Indian bookmakers are not allowed to work. But still, in the gray market, many Indian bookmakers offer online cricket betting facilities to their customers. There are many bookies working at the national level like Reddy Anna Book and Karna Book.

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However, many people in India are afraid of betting with an online bookmaker because of the fear of being fraudulent. But bookmakers like Reddy Anna and Karna Book have been working in the gray market for many years and have remained punter’s confidants.

These Indian bookmakers provide betting IDs to their customers and also pay out the winning amount from time to time. To credit the balance in your ID, you have to contact their team and send money. The balance is credited to your ID within minutes of your sending the money.

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How to bet online in India with Reddy Anna Book? | How to bet on Karna Book?

  • To do online betting in India with Reddy Anna Book/Karna Book, you first need to go to their website and get their contact information.
  • Many links are given on their website, after clicking on them you can directly contact them through WhatsApp.
  • You can get a Betting ID from them by contacting them via WhatsApp. For this, they will ask you for your name and then create your ID.
  • You have to pay them money to enter the balance in the ID. They provide the facility of sending money through UPI or directly to the bank account. The minimum deposit is Rs 100 on Reddy Anna and Rs 500 on Karna Book.
  • You will receive a Betting ID and a link to the Betting Exchange website shortly after you send the money to them.
  • You can log in to your Betting ID by opening this website in your web browser.
  • After logging in, the betting exchange will open on your screen and you will also see information about all upcoming matches.
  • During the match, you can bet on the markets that are available here. You can only bet up to the amount that is available in your betting account balance.
  • If you want to withdraw your winning amount then for this you have to contact again on the same WhatsApp number and give them the details related to the withdrawal amount and payment.
  • Shortly after this, you will be sent money by them. Reddy Anna Book/Karna Book can send you money immediately after the match has ended, however, you cannot take money from them during the match with or without a bet settled.

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