Highest Partnership by Wicket for USA in ODI cricket

The United States of America (USA) may be relatively new to the international cricketing arena, but they’ve left a mark with some remarkable partnerships in the One Day International (ODI) format. These partnerships by wicket have not only showcased the nation’s burgeoning cricketing talent but have also added to the growing legacy of the sport in the USA.

Let’s delve into the highest partnerships by wicket for USA in ODI cricket, highlighting the exceptional moments that have enthralled cricket enthusiasts.

1. First Wicket (107 Runs)

  • Partners: SR Taylor and SJ Modani
  • Opposition: Papua New Guinea
  • Ground: Al Amerat
  • Match Date: 6 Sep 2021

2. Second Wicket (209 Runs)

  • Partners: MD Patel and SJ Modani
  • Opposition: Oman
  • Ground: Pearland
  • Match Date: 8 Jun 2022

3. Third Wicket (140 Runs)

  • Partners: MD Patel and Aaron Jones
  • Opposition: Scotland
  • Ground: Sharjah
  • Match Date: 9 Dec 2019

4. Fourth Wicket (92 Runs)

  • Partners: G Singh and Aaron Jones
  • Opposition: United Arab Emirates
  • Ground: Harare
  • Match Date: 6 Jul 2023

5. Fifth Wicket (85 Runs)

  • Partners: G Singh and SR Mukkamalla
  • Opposition: Nepal
  • Ground: Pearland
  • Match Date: 15 Jun 2022

6. Sixth Wicket (70 Runs)

  • Partners: NK Patel and Aaron Jones
  • Opposition: Oman
  • Ground: Kirtipur
  • Match Date: 11 Feb 2020

7. Seventh Wicket (86 Runs)

  • Partners: Shayan Jahangir and Jasdeep Singh
  • Opposition: Netherlands
  • Ground: Harare
  • Match Date: 22 Jun 2023

8. Eighth Wicket (76* Runs)

  • Partners: G Singh and NP Kenjige
  • Opposition: West Indies
  • Ground: Harare
  • Match Date: 18 Jun 2023

9. Ninth Wicket (66 Runs)

  • Partners: EH Hutchinson and K Gore
  • Opposition: Oman
  • Ground: Al Amerat
  • Match Date: 16 Sep 2021

10. Tenth Wicket (55* Runs)

  • Partners: SN Netravalkar and JS Malhotra
  • Opposition: P.N.G.
  • Ground: Al Amerat
  • Date: 9 Sep 2021

These partnerships, forged by USA’s talented cricketers, represent the nation’s growing influence in the world of ODI cricket. Each partnership is a testament to the resilience, skills, and camaraderie of the players, contributing to the team’s success and furthering the nation’s cricketing ambitions.

As the USA cricket team continues to evolve and make strides on the global stage, these partnerships by wicket serve as inspirations for the cricketing community and affirm the nation’s promising trajectory in the realm of ODI cricket. With memorable moments like these, the USA’s cricketing journey is set to scale new heights in the years to come.