Cricket History: Top Individual Scores in Women’s Test Matches

In the illustrious history of women’s Test cricket, there have been remarkable individual performances that have left an indelible mark on the sport. These extraordinary innings not only showcased the talent and determination of the players but also set records that have endured the test of time. Let’s take a look at some of the highest individual scores in women’s Test matches:

Kiran Baluch – 242 runs

Kiran Baluch
  • Opponent: West Indies
  • Venue: National Stadium, Karachi
  • Season: 2003–04

Kiran Baluch’s incredible 242 against West Indies in the 2003–04 season remains the highest individual score in women’s Test matches. Her marathon innings showcased her exceptional talent and determination.

Mithali Raj – 214 runs

Mithali Raj
  • Opponent: England
  • Venue: Taunton
  • Season: 2002

Mithali Raj’s 214 against England in 2002 is a testament to her batting prowess. It was an innings filled with class and resilience, setting a high standard for women’s Test cricket.

Ellyse Perry – 213 runs*

Ellyse Perry
  • Opponent: England
  • Venue: Sydney
  • Season: 2017

Ellyse Perry’s unbeaten 213 against England in 2017 demonstrated her remarkable all-round abilities. Her performance with the bat is a testament to her skill and determination.

Karen Rolton – 209 runs*

Karen Rolton
  • Opponent: England
  • Venue: Headingley
  • Season: 2001

Karen Rolton’s unbeaten 209 against England in 2001 was a masterclass in batting. Her ability to build a big innings under pressure showcased her exceptional talent.

Tammy Beaumont – 208 runs

Tammy Beaumont
  • Opponent: Australia
  • Venue: Trent Bridge
  • Season: 2023

Tammy Beaumont’s 208 against Australia in 2023 is the most recent addition to this list. Her outstanding innings at Trent Bridge demonstrated her ability to excel on the big stage.

These remarkable innings reflect not only the individual brilliance of these players but also their dedication and commitment to the game. Each of these innings played a significant role in their respective matches, leaving a lasting impact on women’s Test cricket.

These top individual scores in women’s Test matches are a source of inspiration for future generations of cricketers. They remind us of the extraordinary talent that has graced the women’s Test arena and continue to set new benchmarks in the sport.