5 Lowest Totals in T20I Matches by United States of America

Cricket history is often characterized by remarkable feats and stunning performances. On the flip side, there are moments where teams face challenging periods, resulting in low-scoring games. The United States of America (USA) in T20I matches has had its share of ups and downs, experiencing some of the lowest totals in the format. Let’s take a closer look at the five lowest totals registered by the USA in T20 Internationals.

92 vs Papua New Guinea, 17th July 2022 – Bulawayo

In a match against Papua New Guinea, the USA faced a tough day, managing only 92 runs in 19.1 overs. The struggle to build a solid score against the opponent led to a low run rate of 4.8.

135 vs Bermuda, 18th August 2019 – Sandys Parish

In an earlier match against Bermuda, the USA posted a total of 135 runs in the allocated 20 overs. Though a higher total compared to the others on this list, it was still a challenging target to defend.

138 vs Netherlands, 15th July 2022 – Bulawayo

Against the Netherlands, the USA recorded 138 runs in 19.4 overs. Despite a slightly better run rate of 7.01, the team fell short, unable to build a more competitive total.

139 vs Zimbabwe, 14th July 2022 – Bulawayo

The match against Zimbabwe saw the USA achieving a total of 139 runs in 20 overs, with a run rate of 6.95. The team couldn’t manage a higher score to challenge the opposition effectively.

141 vs Bermuda, 22nd August 2019 – Sandys Parish

In another game against Bermuda, the USA’s total reached 141 runs. Despite an improved run rate of 7.05, it was not enough to secure a dominant position in the game.

These lowest totals reflect the challenges the USA team faced on different occasions, be it against established cricketing nations or rising teams in the T20 format. The variations in the run rates indicate the team’s efforts and struggles to accelerate scoring rates, emphasizing the need for a balanced and consistent batting performance.

Cricket, as a game, always provides an opportunity for learning and growth. The USA team’s performance in these low-scoring games serves as a stepping stone for analyzing areas of improvement, with a focus on consistent and competitive displays in future T20 matches.