5 Best Cricket Match Prediction Websites in India 2023

Punters are well aware of the benefits of predictions given by experts. That is why now many such websites have been launched in India, which provide predictions of all cricket matches. More bettors also get the maximum benefit from these predictions. In this article, we are going to give you information about the 5 Best Cricket Match Prediction Websites in India 2023.

If you do cricket betting, then before placing any type of bet, you have to do a complete analysis of it so that it can be won in any case. It takes a lot of time to do a thorough analysis of each bet. In such a situation, the expert analyzed predictions prove to be the key to saving your time and winning maximum money.

5 Best Cricket Match Prediction Websites in India 2023:

Many websites only give the necessary information and predictions related to the cricket match, but there is also a website that also offers a lifetime membership for bettors for some money. Below we are going to give you information about the 5 Best Cricket Match Prediction Websites in India 2023 including this successful website.


CricketWebs.com website provides predictions of all types of T20 leagues and international matches since 2017. However, if you bet big and want to get accurate predictions for all matches, you can get predictions for this by having a direct phone line conversation with experts or by contacting Telegram or WhatsApp.

If you want to get predictions of all the matches for a lifetime in less money, then this website also offers Lifetime Membership for this. Over the past 5 years, the predictions given by its experts have been more than 80% accurate and many bettors have made huge profits.

A total of 9 experts are associated with this website, who analyze all the matches thoroughly and gather information and then give their own predictions. If you place a bet through this website by taking a lifetime membership, then you can get the maximum benefit.

As of April 2023, around 3400 customers have taken Lifetime Membership of CricketWebs and many more people take predictions by spending money on different matches. Here the charge of prediction is very less but the opportunities to earn a profit are more available. All National, International, T10, and T20 leagues are covered by them.

Talking about Big Bash League 2022-23 (BBL 2022-23), they have made their name high in the market by giving 88% correct predictions, while in Pakistan Super League 2023 (PSL 2023) the winning percentage given by them is 86%. And their win percentage in Bangladesh Premier League 2023 (BPL 2023) is 82%.

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CricTracker is a news website that provides news related to cricket in both Hindi and English language. Prediction is also provided by them in all T20 leagues and national and international matches including IPL. However, whatever predictions are given by them, only the people who write news related to cricket analyze them accordingly.

You can use CricTracker to get news related to cricket, but for the bettor, it only benefits from records, pitch reports, etc. This website does not give predictions for betting like CricketWebs.com. This website can be very useful for people who play fantasy cricket, but it is not that helpful for people who are into betting.


CricketWorld is also a news and prediction-related website, which provides information about the probable playing XI in different matches, probable winners, and all the important facts related to the match. Along with this, this website also provides tips related to cricket betting.

On this website, you will get all the tips before the match, which sometimes proves to be harmful to the players. It also gives information about the toss winner, highest run-scorer, highest wicket-taker, most sixes hit batsman, player of the match, the probable team batting first, etc.

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Sportskeeda website is specially created to provide news related to all kinds of important sports. This is an old website which is working since last 13 years. If you want to get any important news related to any math or want to know about the complete information and potential winner of any match, then you can use this website for this.

Like other websites, the predictions given by them are also given by the writers who write the sports news. Although you can use the information provided by them only for your own knowledge, using them for betting on a large scale can prove to be harmful to you. For people who play fantasy cricket, the prediction given by this website can be useful.


Cricket Addictor is a popular news website that provides news related to cricket in both Hindi and English language. Here you will find the prediction of all T20 leagues, T10 leagues, and national and international matches. Like other news websites, all the predictions given here are given by the writers who write the news.

If you want to get important information related to a match and want to increase your knowledge, then the predictions related to the matches given on this website can be of great use to you. Here you will get all the necessary information from the probable winner of that match. For people who do fantasy cricket and simple betting, the information found on this website can be useful.