Zimbabwe vs Kenya Match Prediction – Who Will Win Today’s ZIM vs KEN 19th T20 2023

Zimbabwe vs Kenya 19th T20 match prediction, let’s find out who will win? Today’s match prediction of ZIM vs KEN 19th T20 2023 is given below. Zimbabwe vs Kenya 19th T20 match is scheduled to be held on Thursday, 30th November 2023 at United Cricket Club Ground, Windhoek. Cricketwebs provide 100% match prediction tips for every cricket match.

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier 2023 has been a battleground of fierce competition, with teams vying for supremacy and the opportunity to advance to the next stage. In this intense cricketing arena, Zimbabwe and Kenya find themselves in pivotal positions on the points table. Let’s delve into their standings, performances, and the road ahead in this thrilling qualifier.

Zimbabwe’s Campaign:

Zimbabwe finds itself in the middle of the points table after four matches, securing two victories and facing two defeats. With 4 points and an impressive Net Run Rate (NRR) of +2.276, Zimbabwe has showcased both resilience and flair in the tournament. The team’s next encounters will be crucial in determining their fate in the qualifier.

Kenya’s Performance:

Kenya mirrors Zimbabwe’s performance in the tournament, also winning three out of four matches and accumulating 6 points. With an NRR of +0.481, Kenya stands on level ground with Zimbabwe. The competition remains fierce, and Kenya will aim to maintain its momentum in the upcoming matches to secure a spot in the T20 World Cup.

Road Ahead:

As the tournament progresses, both Zimbabwe and Kenya find themselves in favorable positions, firmly in contention for the coveted T20 World Cup spots. The upcoming clashes will be critical for these teams, testing their mettle against strong opponents. With Namibia leading the table, Zimbabwe and Kenya will be eager to secure wins and enhance their chances of advancement.

Today’s Zimbabwe vs Kenya 19th T20 2023 Match Detail, Playing XI, Pitch Report, Fantasy Cricket Tips, and Match Preview

Match: KEN vs ZIM, 19th Match, ICC Mens T20 World Cup Africa Region Qualifier 2023
Date: Thursday, November 30, 2023
Time: 1:00 PM
Venue: United Cricket Club Ground, Windhoek

Who Will Win ZIM vs KEN 19th T20 Match Toss?

Toss Prediction: Kenya

Venue Details

Stadium: United Cricket Club Ground
City: Windhoek

The T20 cricketing landscape in Africa has witnessed the rise of competitive teams such as Zimbabwe and Kenya. As these two cricketing nations prepare to lock horns in the upcoming clash, it’s essential to delve into their T20 statistics and historical performance to understand the dynamics of this intriguing rivalry.

Zimbabwe T20 Stats and History:

Zimbabwe has a T20 cricket history spanning 132 matches, showcasing a mix of triumphs and challenges. Out of these encounters, the team emerged victorious in 44 matches, showcasing its resilience and competitive spirit.

However, the nation faced setbacks in 87 matches, highlighting the tough competition T20 cricket presents. Zimbabwe experienced just one no-result match, underlining the rarity of such instances in their T20 journey. Remarkably, Zimbabwe has yet to witness a T20 game ending in a tie.

Kenya T20 Stats and History:

Kenya, another prominent cricketing nation in Africa, boasts a T20 history comprising 81 matches. The team secured victory in 40 matches, attesting to their prowess in the shortest format of the game.

With 38 losses, Kenya has had its share of challenges but has maintained a competitive edge. Additionally, the team encountered three no-result matches, reflecting the unpredictability inherent in T20 cricket. Similar to Zimbabwe, Kenya has not been part of a T20 tie.

Zimbabwe vs. Kenya Head-to-Head Stats:

The upcoming clash between Zimbabwe and Kenya in the T20 format adds an exciting chapter to their cricketing history. Surprisingly, the two teams have not crossed paths in a T20 encounter, resulting in a head-to-head record of zero matches played.

This lack of prior confrontations heightens the anticipation for the upcoming battle, as both teams look to establish dominance and secure their first victory in this unique T20 rivalry.

ZIM vs KEN 19th T20 Score Prediction:

If Zimbabwe Bat First: 160+
If Kenya Bat First: 145+

Winning Chances Of Zimbabwe and Kenya?

Zimbabwe winning chances are 69% in this match
Kenya winning chances are 31% in this match

Who will win today’s Zimbabwe vs Kenya 19th T20 2023 cricket match prediction?

Today’s Match Prediction: Zimbabwe

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