Who Will Win Today’s United Arab Emirates vs Kuwait 8th T20 2023 Match Prediction

The anticipation for the eighth T20 clash between the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait in the ICC Men’s T20I World Cup Asia Finals 2023 is soaring high. Let’s dive into the match details and the exciting predictions to preview the potential outcome.

Match Details

  • Match: KUW vs UAE, 8th Match, Group B, ICC Mens T20I World Cup Asia Finals 2023
  • Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2023
  • Time: 1:15 PM
  • Venue: Mulpani Cricket Ground, Kathmandu

The Mulpani Cricket Ground in Kathmandu is the chosen battleground for this thrilling encounter where both teams will battle it out in the group stage.

Toss Prediction

The prediction leans toward Kuwait winning the toss, enabling them to make strategic decisions at the outset of the match.

Venue Details

The Mulpani Cricket Ground in Kathmandu, hosting this riveting T20 clash, boasts a capacity of 13,000 and serves as the cricketing home to Nepal, offering an enthralling setting for a gripping cricket showdown.

Team Statistics

Let’s delve into the T20 stats and history of both the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait:

United Arab Emirates T20 Stats and History

  • Total Matches Played: 87
  • Matches Won: 43
  • Matches Lost: 43
  • Matches with No Result: 1
  • Matches Tied: 0

Kuwait T20 Stats and History

  • Total Matches Played: 42
  • Matches Won: 24
  • Matches Lost: 18
  • Matches with No Result: 0
  • Matches Tied: 0

Head-to-Head Stats

The United Arab Emirates and Kuwait have previously clashed in four T20 matches, with the UAE triumphing in three encounters. This history sets the stage for an intense and competitive contest between the two sides.

Score Predictions

  • If the United Arab Emirates bats first, they are projected to score 150 or more.
  • If Kuwait bats first, they are anticipated to post a total of 142 or more.

Winning Chances

According to the forecast, the United Arab Emirates holds a 71% chance of winning this match, implying they are in a favorable position. However, Kuwait, with a 29% chance, aims to challenge their opponents and seek an upset.

Match Prediction

Today’s forecast indicates that the United Arab Emirates is the potential victor in this compelling contest. However, cricket is known for its unpredictability, and the game’s excitement lies in the performance on the field.


Predictions are made solely for entertainment purposes, not encouraging betting or gambling. It’s crucial to avoid any illegal activities related to cricket. While experts aim for accuracy, predictions do not guarantee 100% correctness. The actual thrill and outcome of the match will unfold on the field, as players determine the true winner. Embrace the game responsibly and relish the electrifying contest cricket promises!

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