Vikramjit Singh: The Rising Star of Dutch Cricket

Cricket, a sport that often sparks intense passion and devotion in its players and fans alike, has seen its popularity grow in unexpected corners of the world. One such story of determination and talent is that of Vikramjit Singh, a left-handed opening batsman from the Netherlands. Born on 9 January 2003 in Cheema Khurd, Punjab, India, Singh’s journey from a small Indian village to representing the Netherlands on the international cricket stage is nothing short of remarkable.

A Journey Rooted in Heritage

Vikramjit Singh was born into a Sikh family in Cheema Khurd, Punjab, India. His family’s history is a tale of resilience and migration. Singh’s grandfather, Khushi Cheema, fled to the Netherlands in the aftermath of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots in India. Initially, Khushi Cheema worked as a taxi driver to make ends meet in a foreign land. However, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish a successful transport company in Amstelveen, a city in the Netherlands. This marked the beginning of the Singh family’s connection with the Netherlands.

In the years that followed, Vikramjit Singh’s family traversed between India and the Netherlands, seeking opportunities and a better life. This constant movement between two countries exposed young Vikramjit to diverse cultures and experiences, shaping his worldview and his love for cricket.

The Early Days and Cricketing Talent

Singh’s tryst with cricket began at a tender age of eleven when he caught the eye of none other than the Netherlands captain, Peter Borren. Borren recognized Singh’s raw talent and potential, and he persuaded the young lad to join VRA Amsterdam’s club cricket team. Under the guidance of Borren and Amit Uniyal, Singh received private coaching that honed his skills and nurtured his cricketing dreams. His dedication to the sport led him to travel to Chandigarh, India, where he attended Uniyal’s cricket academy for several years.

A Stellar Junior Career

Vikramjit Singh’s rise in Dutch cricket was meteoric. He made his debut for the Netherlands A team at the remarkably young age of 15, a testament to his talent and hard work. However, it was on the junior cricketing stage that Singh truly began to shine.

In 2019, Singh represented the Netherlands national under-19 cricket team at the Under-19 World Cup Europe Qualifier. During this tournament, he left an indelible mark by finishing as the second-highest run-scorer, second only to Scotland’s Tomas Mackintosh. Singh’s tally of 304 runs from five innings, including a spectacular 133-run inning against France, was a clear indication of his potential as a batsman.

Breaking Barriers on the Senior Circuit

Singh’s performances in junior cricket catapulted him into the senior ranks of Dutch cricket. In September 2019, he was named in the Netherlands’ Twenty20 International (T20I) squad for the 2019–20 Ireland Tri-Nation Series. It was on September 19, 2019, that Vikramjit Singh made his T20I debut for the Netherlands, marking a significant milestone in his career.

His consistent performances did not go unnoticed, and in April 2020, Singh was included in the Netherlands senior squad, a well-deserved promotion for the young cricketer. However, it was in List A cricket that he truly showcased his potential. On 11 May 2021, he made his List A debut for the Netherlands A team against the Ireland Wolves during their tour of Ireland.

Later that same month, Singh received another call-up, this time to the Dutch One Day International (ODI) squad for their series against Scotland. The elevation to the ODI squad was a testament to his growing stature in Dutch cricket. In February 2022, he was once again named in the Dutch ODI squad, this time for their series against New Zealand. The pinnacle of his career came on 29 March 2022 when he made his ODI debut for the Netherlands against New Zealand, a momentous occasion that he and his family had dreamt of.

The Record-Breaking Innings

In July 2023, Vikramjit Singh etched his name in the annals of Dutch cricket history by surpassing his previous ODI personal best of 88 runs. He scored a scintillating 110 runs against Oman, a remarkable achievement that not only showcased his batting prowess but also played a pivotal role in helping the Netherlands secure a victory by 74 runs. This performance came during the 2023 Cricket World Cup Qualifier in Harare, Zimbabwe, further solidifying Singh’s reputation as a rising star in international cricket.

A Place in the Cricket World Cup

Following his record-breaking innings against Oman, Vikramjit Singh continued to shine brightly in the cricketing arena. In the subsequent game, the Netherlands faced off against Scotland, knowing that a victory would secure them a coveted place in the 2023 Cricket World Cup. The match was a thrilling contest, and Singh’s contributions were once again significant. The Netherlands emerged victorious, securing their spot in the World Cup and marking a historic achievement for Dutch cricket.

Vikramjit Singh’s remarkable journey from a small Indian village to becoming a key player in the Dutch national cricket team is a testament to his talent, hard work, and the unwavering support of his family. As he continues to make waves in international cricket, there is no doubt that his story will inspire countless young cricketers, not only in the Netherlands but across the globe. With his left-handed elegance and an eye for big runs, Singh is well on his way to becoming a cricketing sensation, and the world will be watching as he takes each step of his remarkable journey in the game he loves.

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