Joshua Little: The Rising Star of Irish Cricket

In the world of cricket, talent knows no boundaries, and Joshua Little, the young and promising fast bowler from Ireland, is a testament to this fact. With his raw pace, precision, and dedication to the game, Little has rapidly risen through the ranks to become one of the brightest prospects in Irish cricket. In this comprehensive article, we’ll delve into the life, career, achievements, and potential of Joshua Little as he continues to make his mark on the international cricketing stage.

Early Life and Background:

Joshua Little was born on February 3, 1999, in Pembury, Kent, England. His family moved to Ireland when he was just two years old, and it was in this picturesque island nation that he would discover his love for cricket. Growing up in the suburb of Malahide in Dublin, Little was introduced to the sport by his father, who was an enthusiastic cricket fan. Joshua’s early years were spent playing cricket in the local clubs and schools of Dublin, and it didn’t take long for his exceptional talent to catch the eye of cricket coaches and selectors.

The Rise through Youth Cricket:

Little’s journey through youth cricket in Ireland was nothing short of meteoric. He quickly progressed through the ranks, representing Ireland at various age-group levels. His ability to generate genuine pace and swing the ball consistently impressed coaches and teammates alike. In 2016, at the age of 17, Joshua Little made his debut for the Ireland Under-19 team in the ICC Under-19 World Cup, showcasing his potential on the global stage.

Domestic Career:

  1. Leinster Lightning: Little made his debut for the Leinster Lightning, one of the leading teams in Irish domestic cricket, in 2016. His performances in domestic cricket demonstrated his potential to become a key figure in Irish cricket’s future.
  2. Ireland Wolves: Little was selected to represent the Ireland Wolves, the national A team, which serves as a platform for young talents to gain valuable experience and hone their skills. His consistent performances for the Wolves earned him recognition as a potential asset for the senior national team.

International Debut:

Joshua Little’s performances in domestic and A-level cricket did not go unnoticed, and he was rewarded with a call-up to the senior Irish cricket team. He made his international debut on June 18, 2017, in a One Day International (ODI) against Afghanistan. Despite Ireland’s loss in that match, Little’s impressive display, which included taking two wickets, was a promising sign of things to come.

Key Attributes:

  1. Raw Pace: One of Joshua Little’s standout attributes is his raw pace. He consistently clocks speeds in excess of 140 kilometers per hour (87 mph), which makes him a potent weapon in the fast-bowling department.
  2. Swing and Seam: In addition to his pace, Little possesses the ability to swing and seam the ball, making him a versatile and dangerous bowler in various conditions.
  3. Aggression: Little’s on-field aggression and competitive spirit are qualities that have endeared him to fans and teammates. He possesses a never-say-die attitude that is vital for a fast bowler.
  4. Batting Skills: While primarily known for his bowling, Joshua Little has also displayed some batting potential in lower-order situations, contributing valuable runs to the team’s cause.

Career Highlights:

  1. World Cup Debut: Little had the honor of representing Ireland in the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup. His memorable moment came when he took two wickets against Bangladesh, showcasing his ability to perform on the grandest stage.
  2. T20I Success: Joshua Little has been a crucial part of the Irish T20I squad, consistently delivering impressive performances. His match-winning spell of 4 for 40 against the West Indies in a T20I series was particularly noteworthy.
  3. County Cricket Stint: In a bid to further develop his skills, Little had a short stint with Sussex County Cricket Club in England. The experience of playing county cricket exposed him to different conditions and provided invaluable learning opportunities.

Challenges and Injuries:

Like all cricketers, Joshua Little has faced his fair share of challenges. Injuries have been a recurring concern in his young career. Shoulder injuries, in particular, have sidelined him on multiple occasions, forcing him to undergo rehabilitation and miss crucial matches. Overcoming these setbacks and maintaining fitness will be critical for his future success.

The Road Ahead:

Joshua Little’s journey in international cricket has only just begun, and the road ahead is filled with promise and potential. Here are some key aspects to consider:

  1. Injury Management: Little’s fitness and injury management will be paramount to his long-term success. Staying injury-free and building strength will enable him to consistently deliver high-speed performances.
  2. Consistency: Developing the ability to consistently trouble batsmen with pace, swing, and accuracy will make him a formidable force in international cricket.
  3. Variation: Adding variations to his bowling arsenal, such as effective slower balls and yorkers, will make him a more complete bowler.
  4. Mentorship: Learning from experienced fast bowlers and mentors will be invaluable in his development. Harnessing the wisdom of those who have excelled at the highest level can accelerate his progress.
  5. Leadership: As he gains more experience, Little may be called upon to take on leadership roles within the Irish cricket team, and developing leadership qualities will be crucial.


Joshua Little’s journey from a young boy in Dublin to a rising star in Irish cricket is a story of talent, dedication, and resilience. His raw pace and aggressive approach have already left an indelible mark on the international cricketing stage. As he continues to evolve as a cricketer, overcoming challenges and honing his skills, his journey promises to be an exciting one, not just for Ireland but for cricket fans around the world. With the right guidance, opportunities, and a bit of luck on his side, Joshua Little has the potential to become a fast-bowling sensation who carries the hopes of Irish cricket on his shoulders, making an impact in the years to come and inspiring the next generation of cricketers in Ireland and beyond.

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